The Houston Astro's (Physically) Painful 2020 Season

The Astros are going to get 90-100 MPH fastballs thrown directly at them A LOTTTT this season.

New Astro's manager Dusty baker is asking the league to put a heavy penalty to those who participate in these "beanings".

"I'm depending on the league to try to put a stop to this seemingly premeditated retaliation that I'm hearing about," Baker said Saturday morning. "And in most instances in life, you get kind of reprimanded when you have premeditated anything. I'm just hoping that the league puts a stop to this before somebody gets hurt."

I have always considered myself on the more pacifist side of things so I think these premeditated attacks are going a bit overboard. Yes, the Astros cheated and won many accolades including the 2017 World Series but do you want to put their lives in jeopardy because of what is essentially just a game? Think about it, these players have families and are human just like you - they make mistakes like the rest of us.

We would, however, like to see the Astro's come out with a more sincere apology. No, they don't have to be balling their eyes out, on their knees begging for forgiveness, all we ask is for the truth. In other words - STOP HIDING BEHIND THE MLB INVESTIGATION! Yes, we all read/know it but we want to hear it from you guys, the ones responsible. We want to know specifics like if you used buzzers under your jerseys. We want to hear you say that the 2017 World Series is, in fact, tainted and that you do not deserve it. We want to see you donate your bonuses you received during that time to charities. All these things would help out a lot.

Now, will this happen? By the looks of it the answer is no. They are a young bunch of guys (plus the hypocritically conceded Justin Verlander) who will not truly understand how stupid they look until they are retired. This is a stain on all of their careers and after a few years of letting it sink in they will soon realize how bad this looks.

And in the end, even if MLB puts out a notice of harsh penalties if you purposely hit an Astro, I don't think it will matter too much in the end. The 2020 Houston Astro's will go down in history as the most HBP team of all-time. Have fun, Houston!

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